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Mauricio Santeugini was born on April 8th, 1972 in Florida, Uruguay. He graduated from the Universidad Católica del Uruguay (1995) with an attorney at law degree.

In 1996 he worked in Bernardo Berro’s law firm in the litigation area, achieving experience and practice in procedural and litigation issues.

In 1997 he was hired by the Labor and Social Security Secretary until 1999, where he acted as counsel in labor matters, acquiring an in depth knowledge of labor regulation and labor issues in Uruguay.

He is the partner in charge of the labor and litigation department, acting as the litigating partner in the different labor, civil, commercial and administrative trials our firm is in charge of. He personally assists to hearings before court and works with a team of lawyers that assures excellent teamwork in the litigation matters. He has represented defendants and plaintiffs with claims before banks, Uruguayan State, companies and individuals.

He also specializes in labor matters, acting as counsel for companies in individual conflicts with employees as well as conflicts with unions in different industries: leather, television, international transportation of goods and people, health, education and steel.

Since 1996 he has taught commercial and labor law classes at different universities and still teaches at the ORT University and at the State University.