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Areas of Practice LS Abogados l Bullet Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Our M&A team has participated in different deals and can provide the following services: negotiation and drafting of Stock Purchase Agreements, mergers, divisions and the transfer of commercial businesses.

We assist our clients in all the process related to the sale or acquisition of a business, from the initial negotiations of the main issues of the deal, the drafting of agreements, the Due Diligence process and the closing of the deal.

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  • Under Construction

  • Main M&A Transactions Lapique & Santeugini had a key role

  • Main Transactions

    - Sale of 50% of the shares of Benco SA and the acquisition of 50% of the shares of Carbosur SA in order to obtain a friendly division between the owners of both companies.
    - Acquisition of real estate by transfer of 100% shares of a corporation for the construction of housing residences in the Malvín neighborhood.
    - Sale of 70% of the shares of IFS Corporate (a multinational Company in the transport and logistics sector with subsidiaries in LATAM) to German Group Ipsen.
    - Acquisition of 10% shares of an important Uruguayan industry.
    - Acquisition of a Wind Turbine by one of our clients from Danish firm Vestas for the construction of a wind farm with another four local companies.

    Summary of services:

  • • Drafting and negotiation of stock purchase agreements, joint ventures, etc.

  • • Transfer of assets.

  • • Due Diligence: tax, corporate, labor, social security, environmental and intellectual property issues.

  • • Government authorizations.

  • • Contingencies identification and quantification.

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