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  • Corporate Law

    • We are recognized by our experience with relation to commercial companies and especially with regards to corporations. We render advice on the initial stages regarding the incorporation or acquisition of the company such as: civil companies, commercial companies, associations, foundations, etc.

      We provide all kinds of filings regarding companies: amendment of articles of incorporations, capital adjustments, dissolutions and liquidations, merges, divisions and transformations.

      One of our main areas of practice refers to corporate claims. We have taken part in many corporate conflicts assisting majority and minority shareholders in negotiations or litigation between shareholders, against directors, etc. We also can provide advice regarding shareholder meetings and act as representatives of shareholders in these meetings.

      Luis Lapique is in charge of the Corporate Law area and he has published four books on corporations in Uruguay.

      Summary of services:

    • • Advisement on the different legal entities to be used, according to the client’s needs and business.

    • • Incorporation or off the shelf companies: civil companies, commercial companies, associations, foundations, etc.

    • • Uruguayan offshore corporations: incorporation, off the shelf, administration, etc.

    • • Amendment of articles of incorporation and bylaws.

    • • Filings and authorizations before local authorities.

    • • Administration of commercial companies.

    • • Dissolution, liquidation, transformation and spin-offs.

    • • Shareholders agreements.

    • • Shareholders rights.

    • • Representation and counseling at shareholder meetings and board of directors meetings.

  • Civil Law

    • Our civil law department can assist you in the execution and breach of agreements, damages claims, leasing and construction agreements.

      Leasing property means granting use of high value real estate to a stranger. We know the risks involved and the problems this may cause and we can help you avoid them.

      Our wide experience in civil contracts allows us to help you from the starting point until the closing of your deal.

      The civil law department will also solve with confidentiality your family law issues related with divorces, real estate and estate planning.

      We can help your estate planning. We have taken part in many cases, were correct and timely estate planning prevented litigation and reduced costs for our clients.

    • • Drafting and negotiation of contracts: leases, real estate, buy/sell, construction, mortgages, etc.

    • • Torts.

    • • Contract breaches, damages.

    • • Medical mal practice.

    • • Real estate developments.

    • • Consumer law.

    • • Trusts.

  • Labor and Social Security

    • Our labor law department specializes in advising companies, both in individual claims as well and in collective bargaining and union issues.

      Labor law advice given to big companies in Uruguay positions us with knowledge of almost all the type of problems that may arise in these type of organization so we can prevent major conflicts or damages. We have acted as legal counsel, for: Canarias, Zendaleather, Suat, Cabal, VTV, Las Rosas Estancia (Grupo DAremberg), Cooperativa COFAS, Fumaya, Prodhin.

      Every year we defend our clients in more than 90 labor cases and since our foundation; we have participated in more than 1.000 labor law cases.

      We have worked in collective bargaining and union issues in the following sectors: tannery, television, international transport of goods, passenger transport, health, eggs producers, soft drinks, education and metal industry.

      We recommend preventive audits in the labor area in order to determine effective compliance of applicable law within your company in order to avoid future contingencies. This service is highly requested by our clients.

      Mauricio Santeugini is head of the labor law department. Having worked for the Labor and Social Security Secretary of State for two years, he acquired great experience which allows him to give an excellent service in this area.

      He teaches in company courses for clients and their employees, providing key knowledge to people that are part of the human resources department of the companies.

      More than fifteen years advising medium and big companies give him enough experience in every situation that must be dealt with relating to labor law, assuring the best possible solutions in conflicts with employees and collective bargaining and union issues.

      Summary of services:

    • • General advice on labor and social security issues.

    • • Drafting and negotiation of labor contracts.

    • • Conciliation hearings.

    • • Representation before Ministry of Labor and Social Security authorities.

    • • Outsourcing planning and restructuring, downsizing.

    • • Unions: negotiations, collective hearing, collective agreements.

    • • Audits concerning labor and social security issues.

    • • Labor benefits.

  • Commercial Law

    • Our Commercial Law practice is centered on the negotiation and drafting of commercial agreements: distribution, agency, franchising, commission, leasing, trusts, licensing, e-commerce.

      On a regular basis we provide assistance to our clients in financial operations such as loans, private bonds issues, factoring and constitution of guarantees such as mortgages, pledges and security interests.

      We have experience in the formation of different type of trusts: financial, real estate, estates, guarantee, etc.

      Summary of services:

    • • Drafting and negotiation of commercial contracts: buy/sell agreements, distribution, agency, franchising, leases, trusts, internet, license, etc.

    • • Bankruptcy procedures: debtor or creditor representation.

    • • Collections.

    • • Free Trade Zones: possible uses, authorizations, filings, etc.

    • • Foreign investments and international business transactions.

    • • Legal opinions.

  • Financial Operations and Capital Markets

    • Summary of services:

    • • Loans.

    • • Guarantees: mortgages, securities, etc.

    • • Factoring.

    • • Investment funds.

    • • Compliance with capital markets regulations.

    • • Private bonds.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

    • Our M&A team has participated in different deals and can provide the following services: negotiation and drafting of Stock Purchase Agreements, mergers, divisions and the transfer of commercial businesses.

      We assist our clients in all the process related to the sale or acquisition of a business, from the initial negotiations of the main issues of the deal, the drafting of agreements, the Due Diligence process and the closing of the deal.

    • Under Construction

    • Under Construction

    • Main M&A Transactions Lapique & Santeugini had a key role

    • Summary of services:

    • • Drafting and negotiation of stock purchase agreements, joint ventures, etc.

    • • Transfer of assets.

    • • Due Diligence: tax, corporate, labor, social security, environmental and intellectual property issues.

    • • Government authorizations.

    • • Contingencies identification and quantification.

  • Litigation

    • We actively engage in litigations representing clients as active or sued parties, in the civil, family, commercial, tax, administrative and corporate law areas.

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