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Foreign Workers in Uruguay

Foreign Workers in Uruguay

1. Residence Requirements

Our legislation establishes two different residence authorizations for foreign workers, depending on the time the individual will remain in our country and the activity he/she will develop.

1.1 Temporary Residence

he temporary residence can be obtained by foreign individuals that will work as employees or specialized technicians for national or foreign companies in Uruguay. In this case the period of time cannot exceed 6 months, that can be renewed  for another 6 months.

In order to obtain the temporary residence the individual must present before the Migration Authority, the following documentation:

· Health and sanitary certificate from the country of origin.

· Passport.

· Copy of the contract with the local employee or a letter.

· I.D. document.

· Entrance permission to Uruguay.

· A letter asking for the temporary residence to be granted.

1.2 Permanent Residence

 If the individual will remain in our country for more than a year, permanent residence must be obtained and the following documentation must be presented before the Migration Authority. In this case the following documents and information must be presented:

· Photograph.

· Proof  of Income in Uruguay. For example the contract with the Uruguayan employee.

· Health certificate given by the Uruguayan Ministry of Health.

· Exact date of entrance to Uruguay.

· Indicate country and address where he has lived the last five years.

· I.D. with which he entered Uruguay or the Uruguayan I.D. if obtained already.

· Marriage Certificate.

2. Uruguayan I.D.

In order to start working and register before our labor and social security authorities, a Uruguayan I.D. must be obtained, in order to get the temporary I.D., the following documentation is needed:

· Certificate for I.D. given by the local Migration Authority.

· Nationality certificate issued by the worker`s country Embassy in Uruguay.

 Once the permanent residence is granted, the permanent I.D. can be obtained, in order to do this, the following documentation must be presented:

· Legalized birth certificate registered before the local authority.

3. Conclusions.

Depending on the time the individual will be in Uruguay, the temporary or the permanent residence should be obtained. While the temporary residence is obtained, the Migration Authorities give the individual an authorization to obtain the Uruguayan temporary I.D.. When this I.D. is obtained the individual can be registered before the Labor and Social Security authorities and start working.