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Located in Montevideo, Uruguay, our firm was founded in 1996 by Luis Lapique and Mauricio Santeugini immediately after graduating together from the Universidad Católica del Uruguay.

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    Founded in 1990, Ally Law is an international organization of law firms that excel to provide their clients excellent legal services.

    Ally Law is formed by independent law firms that provide legal services in many different countries.

    The members of the Ally Law have undergone a selection procedure, thus they are expected to provide: professional excellence, timeliness, service strength, the highest standard of ethics, practical solutions, knowledge of local business culture. Prospective clients must complete a questionnaire that is reviewed by the Executive. Following a satisfactory review of the candidate’s completed questionnaire, a representative of a member firm makes a personal due diligence visit to the candidate’s offices to meet with partners of the firm. Since personal contact is considered an important element of the selection process, representatives of the candidate must at least attend one annual meeting of Ally Law as observers before becoming members.

    Lapique & Santeugini Abogados was admitted as a member in 2007 and hosted the Regional Meeting of the Americas that took take place in October 2008 in Montevideo and Punta del Este. Luis Lapique is the delegate of the firm in the Alliance, assists yearly to the Annual General Meetings and was a member of the Executive Committee during many years.

    As member of the Ally Law, our firm can provide through the member firms located worldwide, high quality legal advice related to business law and is constantly up to date on legal changes occurring in other jurisdictions and on the way law is practiced around the world.


Lapique & Santeugini have been our advisors for many years. They were there as we went through our companies different stages: growth and expansion, as well as when we went international and sold the company´s shares to Volt Information Sciences. With Lapique we had experience and personalized advice that allowed us to achieve our projects, contribute to our business goals and generate value for our company.


Federico Muttoni



For mor than 10 years we have been assisted by Lapique & Santeugini. In the labor law area, Mauricio´s contribution is key to support our everyday decisions as well as in litigation scenarios. His sound advice gives our organization a learning opportunity, giving us quick solutions from a practical perspective. He is always accessible for a call, an email, he is a member of our team.


Jorge Loureiro (Human Resources Manager)



Lapique&Santeugini represented me in the sale of my mid-size companies (200 employees) to an international investment fund. The negotiation process took many months. Initially Lapique&Santeugini performed and internal Due Diligence, prepared the companies and then negotiated, drafted hundreds of lines of agreements, and closed the deal. They showed the professionalism and knowledge successfully against top tier legal and accounting firms that represented the investment fund. During the whole process I was very well represented and assisted, with efficiency and in a very diligent manner. I was assisted full time and always felt protected and taken care of.”




We hired Lapique & Santeugini to help us with the division of the an estate that included our family business. Lapique´s experience in the process was very positive. He provided personalized advice which helped us separate situations in which our rights and our feelings were mixed up. He was very involved and alert to our requests during the whole process, either personally, by phone or email. They were very professional.


Anne Wyaux

Director Estancia La Paz


I´ve had a professional relationship with Luis for many years. He is an excellent professional, very serious and dedicated, as well as a great individual. He is also author of books on his area of practice, in which he shares all his knowledge and experience. It is a privilege to have him as a legal advisor at Ingenio.


Rafael García

Director Incubadora Ingenio